English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
English practice for advanced speakers
Advanced English grammar practice for SAT and ACT

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Our ADVANCED ENGLISH section is a collection of exercises for advanced students who want to practice some of the more challenging aspects of English grammar. Whether you want to improve your writing skills, ace a high school English exam, or prepare for exams like the SAT or the ACT, you've come to the right place.

Abbreviations 1
Abstract or concrete noun? 1
Abstract or concrete noun? 2
Forming abstract nouns 1
Adjective or adverb? 1
Apostrophe usage 1
Apostrophe usage 2
Capitalization 1
Capitalization 2
Punctuation: Comma or semicolon? 1
Punctuation: Comma or semicolon? 2
Comma, semicolon, or colon? 1
Comma, semicolon, or colon? 2
Comma splices 1
Comma splices 2
Commonly confused words in English 1
Commonly confused words in English 2
Frequently misspelled words 1
Frequently misspelled words 2
Comparative adjectives 1
Compound words (nouns/adjectives) 1
Compound words (nouns/adjectives) 2
Conjunctive adverbs 1
Consonant blends 1
Consonant blends 2
Contractions 1
Identifying dangling modifiers 1
Identifying dangling modifiers 2
Misplaced modifiers 1
Misplaced modifiers 2
Avoiding double negatives 1
Irregular verbs (conjugation) 1
English prefixes and suffixes 1
English prefixes and suffixes 2
Homonyms 1
Homonyms 2
Homonyms 3
Identify the adjective 1
Identify the noun 1
Identify the verb 1
Irregular plural nouns 1
Irregular plural nouns 2
Lay or lie? 1
Loss, lost, lose, or loose? 1
Forming nouns from adjectives 1
Pronoun agreement 1
Pronoun agreement 2
Pronoun case 1
Pronoun case 2
Pronoun reference 1
Pronoun reference 2
Pronouns with elliptical clauses 1
Relative pronouns 1
Relative pronouns 2
Redundant words and phrases 1
Redundant words and phrases 2
Simple subjects/simple predicates 1
Simple subjects/simple predicates 2
Subject or predicate? 1
Subject/Verb agreement 1
Subject/verb agreement 2
Their, they're, there? 1
Their, they're, there? 2
Verb tense consistency 1
Verb tense consistency 2
Which part of speech? 1
Which part of speech? 2
Advanced vocabulary test 1
Advanced vocabulary test 2
Advanced vocabulary test 3

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“I'm a high school English teacher in Seattle... what a great find your advanced exercises have been… thanks for making my job easier.” — Patty, USA

“Kudos for the work you put in to cover all these 'troublesome' grammar topics. Can't think of another website like yours.” — Grace, Canada

“I initially came across your site when I was looking for IELTS prep help… Keep up the great work!” — Robert, Germany

“We homeschool our kids, and we just wanted to let you know how much we love your advanced grammar exercises.” — Bill and Tammy Williams, USA

“All budding writers should check out your advanced exercises…” — Samuel, USA

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