English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
English practice for advanced speakers
Advanced English grammar practice for SAT and ACT

Topic: Pronoun case exercise 1

Choose the correct pronoun case to complete each of the following sentences.

1. Finally, customers have begun to appreciate the work _________ girls have been doing around here.

2. Why didn't you want to help __________?
  him and I
  him and me

3. I can't believe that they never found out about __________.
  her and I
  her and me

4. __________ have always dreamed about going to Spain.
  He and I
  Him and me

5. This is between __________. Stay out of it.
  him and me
  he and I

6. The uncertainty caused a lot of stress for James and __________.

7. Hey, this is __________ you're talking to.

8. You can't run this company without __________.
  I or them
  me or them

9. __________ New Yorkers have a thick skin.

10. __________ and her sister didn't go to the party.

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