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Topic: Pronoun case exercise 2

Choose the correct pronoun case to complete each of the following sentences.

1. It was _________ who suggested we move from Manchester to Liverpool.

2. My sister and __________ have been going to that beach since we were kids.

3. Dad wasn't happy with __________ coming home late at night.

4. It is important to Lisa and __________ that you tell us where you saw Jim.

5. She prefers to remain neutral. __________ choosing one side over the other will just upset everyone.

6. __________ and her mother went to England on vacation.

7. Between you and __________, I think that lawyer is incompetent.

8. Her answers are always wrong. __________, on the other hand, are always correct.

9. __________ talking in class is becoming a problem.

10. The teacher asked Vanessa and __________ if we signed up for the new online course.

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