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Topic: Identify redundant words and phrases 1

Choose the word (or words) that are redundant in each of the sentences below:
Example: He called me at 6:00 AM in the morning. ("in the morning" is redundant because "AM" already means "in the morning")

1. If you look into the past history of the institution, you'll see that there have been cases like this before.

2. The final completion of the project is scheduled for the beginning of next month.

3. He advanced forward by about three feet before they saw him.

4. He attached the parts together, but the device still wouldn't work.

5. His house is a bit big in size for just one person.

6. The relentless investigators started to look into the surrounding circumstances of the case.

7. Yeah, well, that's just your personal opinion.

8. The measure passed by a completely unanimous vote.

9. We got back home at 4:00 PM in the afternoon.

10. These new innovations were welcomed by the scientific community.


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