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English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: Causative form (active) 1

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Fill in the blanks to complete each ACTIVE CAUSATIVE FORM sentence, explaining how you arranged everything.
Example: Jim sent the letter. → I had Jim send the letter.

1. Tina washed the dishes. → I had Tina the dishes.

2. Robert told us what happened. → I had Robert us what happened.

3. Paula sat next to George. → I had Paula next to George.

4. My mother prepared the appetizers. → I had my mother the appetizers.

5. My brother brought the chairs from the living room. → I had my brother the chairs from the living room.

6. Steve bought some more soft drinks. → I had Steve some more soft drinks.

7. Kathy closed the window. → I had Kathy the window.

8. My sister gave everyone a piece of cake. → I had my sister everyone a piece of cake.

9. Peter asked Steve about his new house. → I had Peter Steve about his new house.

10. Frank drove everyone home. → I had Frank everyone home.


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