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English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: Causative form 1 (Mixed)

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REMEMBER: There are two basic causative structures - an active one (Example: "I had Mike fix my computer", "I let him go there"), and a passive one (Example: "I had my computer fixed"). It is often used with the following verbs: TO HAVE, TO LET, TO MAKE, TO GET, and a few others.

1. The sunshine made me ________ of our trip to San Diego.
  to think

2. I had my hair ________ last night.

3. I'm going to ________ after the concert.
  have me picked up
  have him to pick me up
  have him pick me up

4. He is going to ________ by a specialist.
  have repaired his AC
  have his AC repaired
  have his AC repair

5. Susan had ________.
  the windows cleaned
  the windows clean
  the windows be cleaned

6. I'll let you ________ my car for your road trip to Las Vegas.
  to borrow

7. Hey, do you want me to help you ________?
  to pack

8. Why don't you ________ with my friends?
  let me to go out
  let me go out
  let me go to

9. I had my wallet ________ yesterday.
  to steal

10. I had James ________ yesterday.
  to fix my door
  fix my door
  fixed my door

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