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English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: Causative form 2 (Mixed)

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REMEMBER: There are two basic causative structures - an active one (Example: "I had Mike fix my computer", "I let him go there"), and a passive one (Example: "I had my computer fixed"). It is often used with the following verbs: TO HAVE, TO LET, TO MAKE, TO GET, and a few others.

1. I'm going to have Mike ________ my computer to see what is wrong.
  look at
  to look at
  looked at

2. One of my wisdom teeth really hurt, so I went to the dentist ________.
  to have it remove
  to have it removed
  to have it to be removed

3. Are you going to ________ like this?
  let him to suffer
  allow him suffer
  let him suffer

4. Jimmy is dead. The mafia boss ________.
  had killed
  had him killed
  had him to be killed

5. Julie will not ________ the boy from across the street.
  let her daughter marry
  let her daughter to marry
  let her daughter married

6. I had the ________ when I was renovating my apartment.
  wall to be knocked down
  wall knocked down
  wall knock down

7. I ________ her and apologize.
  made him to call
  made him called
  made him call

8. I have ________ many times.
  my heart broken
  had my heart broken
  had my heart broke

9. The authorities ________ as soon as they found out she was there illegally.
  had her deported
  have her deport
  had her to be deported

10. I ________ on my lower back.
  had tattoo done
  had a tattoo done
  had a tattoo to be done

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