English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: Comparative adverbs 1


level: Intermediate

Fill in the blank with the correct comparative form of the adverb (in parentheses).
Example: He is singing more loudly than the other singers.

1. He arrived than expected. (early)

2. We walked than the rest of the people. (slowly)

3. They called us in the afternoon. (late)

4. My mother and my sister talked than the other guests. (loudly)

5. He hit his arm than before. (hard)

6. The Spanish athlete ran than the other runners. (fast)

7. Jim threw the ball than Peter. (far)

8. We answered all the questions than the other students. (well)

9. Our new teacher explains the exercises than our old teacher. (badly)

10. The new mechanic checked the car than the old mechanic. (thoroughly).


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