English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: Comparative or superlative? 1 - Comparing things in English


level: Intermediate

Choose whether each sentence requires the comparative or superlative form.

1. There are 10 houses on our street. Our house is the ________ one.

2. My brother sings better than I do, but I play guitar ________ than he does.
  the best

3. This is ________ song I have ever heard!
  the best

4. Tom is ________ than I am.
  the strongest

5. Out of all the students in our class, I am ________.
  the shortest

6. Everyone says that my sister is ________ than I am.
  the best looking
  better looking

7. She is ________ girl in our school.
  the best looking
  better looking

8. This is boring. Let's do something ________.
  the most interesting
  more interesting

9. This isn't ________ book I have ever read.
  more interesting
  the most interesting

10. Your apartment is ________ than mine.
  the cleanest

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