English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: WHOLE/ALL 1


level: Intermediate

Click on Answer to see the correct response.

1. I've been waiting for you my _____ life.
a. whole
b. all

2. _____ my life I've been waiting for the perfect ESL teacher.
a. Whole
b. All

3. The storm destroyed _____ neighborhoods of the city.
a. all
b. whole

4. She spent _____ day with her new boyfriend.
a. the whole
b. all the

5. The _____ time she was in France, she never bought a baguette.
a. whole
b. all

6. He thinks that _____ the people in this city are poor.
a. whole
b. all

7. _____ town was destroyed by the tornado.
a. All
b. The whole

8. I can't believe I ate _____ salad.
a. the all
b. the whole

9. I can't believe that I ate _____ strawberries.
a. all the
b. the whole

10. I've traveled across _____ Germany.
a. all of
b. whole of


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