English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: Personal pronouns (nominative) 1


level: Beginner

Replace the bold word(s) with the correct pronoun (I, you, we, they, it, she, or he):

1. My cousin and her friend were at the mall. → were at the mall.

2. Peter is a little sick. → is a little sick.

3. Does your aunt know what happened? → Does know what happened?

4. The door is locked. → is locked.

5. My friend Linda and I are going on a trip. → are going on a trip.

6. Q: Am I a good student? A: Yes, are a good student.

7. My cats are hungry. → are hungry.

8. Mr. Jones is a good teacher. → is a good teacher.

9. Q: Is Swedish a difficult language. A: Yes, is a difficult language.

10. My brother and I live together. → live together.


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