English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: Possessive adjectives in English 1


level: Beginner

For each of the following sentences, write the correct possessive adjective:
Example: This book belongs to me. This is my book.

1. This cat belongs to my sister. This is cat.

2. This car belongs to my brother. This is car.

3. This dog belongs to my sisters. This is dog.

4. That dress belongs to Anna. That is dress.

5. This camera belongs to us. This is camera.

6. That tablet belongs to you. That is tablet.

7. That apartment belongs to James and Mary. That is apartment.

8. This bike belongs to me. This is bike.

9. This bed belongs to my mother. This is bed.

10. That table belongs to me and my friend. That is table.


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