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English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: First conditional or second conditional? 1

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Complete each of the following conditional sentences with the proper verb tense.

1. If we go to Louisiana, you _________ real Cajun food.
  would eat
  will eat

2. If you went to Louisiana, you _________ real Cajun food.
  would eat
  will eat

3. If he _________ more, he'd play better.

4. I ________ you if I hear anything.
  would call
  will call

5. If the neighbors ________ making noise, I'll call the police.
  don't stop
  didn't stop

6. If they ________ this skirt in a smaller size, I'd buy it.

7. I ________ that donut if you don't.
  will eat
  would eat

8. He ________ better if he had his glasses.
  would be able to see
  will be able to see

9. If I end up going, I _________ you.
  would call
  will call

10. If he ________ more, he'd have bigger muscles.

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