English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: IRREGULAR VERBS (mixed past tenses) 2


level: Intermediate

Choose the correct conjugation of the verb (in brackets) to complete each sentence.

1. I ________ a tire on the way to work. (to blow)

2. We have ________ to the seaside resort many times. (to drive)

3. I haven't ________ a bike in three years. (to ride)

4. Someone has ________ 10 books from the library. (to steal)

5. Godzilla ________ up and began attacking the city. (to rise)

6. The song that she ________ was very pretty. (to sing)

7. I have ________ her many emails, but I've never received a response. (to write)

8. I ________ out those shoes long ago. (to wear)

9. He said that he ________ two aspirins last night. (to take)
  has took

10. My father ________ across the lake. (to swim)

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