English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: NOUN CLAUSES 3 (Identifying noun clauses)


level: Intermediate

Choose the proper response to complete each of the following sentences, keeping in mind that some of the sentences below have noun clauses and some do not.

1. Do you know _______________ his book?
  where he put
  where did he put

2. I can understand _______________ .
  how upset are you
  how upset you are

3. _______________?
  How upset are you
  How upset you are

4. I can't hear ________________ ?
  what are you saying
  what you are saying

5. Can you tell me _______________?
  where my keys are
  where are my keys

6. Where _______________?
  my keys are
  are my keys

7. Does your brother know if ________________ sell his car?
  will he
  he will

8. He told the police what ________________?
  did he see
  he saw

9. What _______________?
  did he see
  he saw

10. They can see how disappointed _______________.
  am I
  I am

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