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ESL (English as a Second Language) PROGRAMS:

This is a list of ESL programs that we can recommend to our visitors (and students). We have reviewed each program, and have only included what we think are your best options to study English as a second language, whether it's in a classroom or online. If you'd like to submit a link for review (and possible inclusion in the list), please write us at info (at) learnenglishfeelgood (dot) com. For now we are only listing programs in English-speaking countries.


Cal State University-Dominguez Hills (Carson, CA): IEP offers an eight-week intensive English language program six times a year in Los Angeles for ESL students with academic or professional goals, including passing the TOEFL for entrance into an American university.

City College of San Francisco - Intensive English Program (San Francisco, CA): The program prepares students to become effective, confident speakers of English in academic institutions and professional settings as well as in everyday life.

ESL Programs at the University of Texas, Austin (Austin, TX): Offers the "Academic English Program" as well as the more general "English Learning Program".

Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah, GA): Study English in beautiful Savannah, Georgia.

The English Language Center (New York, NY): Since 1971, TELC has offered a variety of English language programs geared to meet the particular English language needs of our culturally and academically diverse student population.


Toronto district school board - Adult ESL Programs (Toronto, ON): The Toronto District School Board offers a variety of English classes to Canadian adults who are residents of Canada or who are applying for residency status (most of these are free!).

University of Toronto (Toronto, ON): The U of T's English Language Program offers a wide variety of courses designed to help you achieve your academic and professional objectives.

Greater Vancouver College (Vancouver, BC): Greater Vancouver College offers high-quality, personalized English courses for international students

University of Calgary (Calgary, AB): The University of Calgary offers the only university level English as Second Language and English for Academic Purpose programs in Calgary.


English school in London with Twin Group (London, England): English Courses in London, Salisbury and Eastbourne, Junior Vacation Centres and accommodation. Our English courses range from General English courses to one-to-one English courses

Learn English in Dublin (Dublin, Ireland): Our English school has a limit of 4 people per class; each student receives personal attention and will learn faster. We offer: General English and Business English courses, IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL and Cambridge Exam preparation classes - all year round.

ICE School of English (Dublin, Ireland): The Irish College of English offers a variety of English courses at their School of English in Dublin, Ireland.

SGI - St. George International (London, England): SGI is one of the oldest language schools in London and offers the highest level of tuition.

United International College (London, England): Offers a variety of English language courses in London, England.

Edinburgh School of English (Edinburgh, Scotland): Offers a variety of ESOL courses for all levels in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Alpha College of English (Dublin, Ireland): Alpha College of English specialises in providing top quality English Language courses for foreign students in the heart of Dublin's City Centre, Ireland.


Lyceum English Language Australia (Melbourne, Australia): A CRICOS approved English Language school located in Melbourne City, Australia.

Hawthorn-Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia): Hawthorn-Melbourne provides both general and academic English training, examination preparation, business English and a high school preparation program.

University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia): A wide selection of ESOL/EFL courses and programmes from the University of Melbourne.

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