English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests



level: Intermediate/Advanced

Choose the correct phrasal verb to complete each sentence.

1. My car ________ on the freeway.
  broke down
  broke up
  broke through

2. The thief managed to ________ the police barricade.
  break in
  break on
  break through

3. My girlfriend and I ________ last month.
  broke up
  broke through
  broke in

4. Hey, ________ the woman with the red hair. She's very pretty.
  check in
  check out
  check at

5. ________! Things will get better.
  Cheer up
  Cheer on
  Cheer at

6. The police are trying to ________ on drunk drivers.
  crack up
  crack down
  crack through

7. He is so funny! He really cracks me ________.

8. I thought the movie was going to end, but it just ________.
  dragged in
  dragged on
  dragged into

9. I'm really tired because I ________ at 5 AM this morning.
  got around
  got on
  got up

10. Friends can help you to ________ a difficult time in your life.
  get through
  get around
  get by

11. How do you ________ the rise in crime this year?
  account in
  account for
  account to

12. Do you feel like playing soccer? = Are you ________ some soccer?
  up to
  up with
  up for

13. She ________. = She scolded him.
  told him off
  told him in
  told him on

14. If you're telling someone to ________, you're telling him/her to relax.
  calm out
  calm in
  calm down

15. This is the time of year when stores ________ their prices, so you can get good deals.
  mark down
  mark on
  mark through

16. My girlfriend and I had a big fight yesterday but we ________ almost immediately.
  made in
  made up
  made on

17. When I ________ on my life, I don't regret a single thing.
  look back
  look down
  look through

18. ________ the grass! Can't you see the sign?
  Keep out
  Keep off
  Keep on

19. The other runners had a hard time ________ with him during the race.
  keeping up
  keeping out
  keeping on

20. He will ________ doing it until you tell him to stop.
  keep in
  keep to
  keep on

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