English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: Adjective order in English 2


level: Intermediate

Sometimes you need to use two or more adjectives to describe something or someone. Part of becoming fluent in English is knowing which order to use these adjectives in. Choose the response that sounds more natural.

1. Hans is a ________ architect.
  successful German
  German successful

2. The sculpture has an ________ shape.
  square interesting
  interesting square

3. She only wears ________ clothes.
  expensive designer
  designer expensive

4. The ________ sweater is very warm.
  wool Italian
  Italian wool

5. It's close to the ________ building.
  big blue
  blue big

6. The Killers are ________ band.
  an American popular
  a popular American

7. He wore his ________ hat to the party.
  black big
  big black

8. This is ________ development!
  a new exciting
  an exciting new

9. She sold the ________ chairs at a yard sale.
  old wooden
  wooden old

10. He called me ________ man!
  an old fat
  a fat old

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