English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: REPORTED SPEECH (indirect)


level: Intermediate

REMEMBER: With reported speech, the pattern is the following:
1. simple present becomes simple past
2. simple past becomes past perfect
3. future tenses become conditional
4. present continuous becomes past continuous
5. present perfect becomes past perfect
6. commands (come!) become infinitive (to come)

Choose the best response.

1. "He will come tomorrow."
She told me that he ________ tomorrow.
  is coming
  will come
  would come

2. "I see the clouds."
He told me that she ________ the clouds.
  is seeing

3. "My mother is taking the bus to work tomorrow."
He told me that his mother ________ the bus to work tomorrow.
  is taking
  was taking
  will take

4. "I will call you."
I told her that I ________ her.
  will call
  would call
  would have called

5. "I have been there."
She told me that she ________ there.
  had been
  has been

6. "I will be studying tomorrow."
I told him that I ________ tomorrow.
  will be studying
  would be studying
  will study

7. "Open the window!"
He asked me ________ the window.
  to open

8. "I am happy."
She told me that she ________ happy.
  has been

9. "I have seen that movie."
He told me that he ________ that movie.
  had seen
  will have seen
  has seen

10. "I am flying to France tomorrow."
He told me that he ________ to France tomorrow.
  is flying
  was flying
  will fly

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