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English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: Simple Past or Past Continuous? 1

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Choose which verb tense (simple past or past continuous) completes each sentence in a logical, natural-sounding way.

1. I ________. I didn't hear you come in.
a. was sleeping
b. slept

2. I ________ to see her twice, but she wasn't home.
a. was coming
b. came

3. P1: What ________? P2: I was watching TV.
a. did you do
b. were you doing

4. Robin Hood was a character who ________ from the rich and gave to the poor.
a. stole
b. was stealing

5. P1: Hey, did you talk to her? P2: Yes, I ________ to her.
a. was talking
b. talked

6. I ________ home very late last night.
a. came
b. was coming

7. How long ________ the flu?
a. did you have
b. were you having

8. P1: ________ a good time in Brazil? P2: Yes, I had a blast!
a. Were you having
b. Did you have

9. We ________ breakfast when she walked into the room.
a. had
b. were having

10. Last month I decided to buy a new car, and today I finally ________ it.
a. bought
b. was buying

11. I ________ when the waitress took my plate.
a. still ate
b. was still eating


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