English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises

Topic: Corporate Buzzwords 1

1. A company's "mission ____________" is a statement that defines an organization's values, goals, and business philosophy

2. This adjective is often overused in the business world; it means "main", "primary", or "most important":

3. Jim, I'm busy right now. I'll ____________ ( = get in touch to see how things are going) with you later in the day.
  touch wood
  touch base

4. To ask/get someone to do something = To ____________ someone to do something.br>   tap

5. To think ____________ means to think of clever and innovative solutions to a problem.
  outside the box
  out of the box

6. Core competency = the thing that a company does ____________.

7. We've got a fire drill. = We've got ____________.
  an emergency
  a fire in the lunchroom

8. If someone is unaware of something (like a topic, decision, etc), you can say they are "out of the ____________".

9. You're in a meeting and you raise a topic. Your manager says "let's take it offline". What does that mean?
  Don't send me any more emails
  Let's talk after the meeting

10. Moving ____________ ( = in the future), we won't be pursuing these clients.
  in front

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