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English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: WHO, WHOM, WHOSE? 1


level: Intermediate/Advanced

Fill in each blank with who, whom, or whose.
In everyday speech, whom is considered rather formal and old-fashioned. It's possible to use who instead of whom in many cases.

1. Could you please tell me (who/whom/whose) that was?

2. The men, two of (who/whom/whose) were drunk, walked very slowly.

3. The guy (who/whom/whose) computer I was using moved to Brisbane.

4. I know several people (who/whom/whose) became very sick from COVID-19.

5. She didn't know when the ESL book was written, or by (who/whom/whose).

6. I didn't know (who/whom/whose) book that was.

7. I don't know (who/whom/whose) gave you that information, but it's inaccurate.

8. The police expert was able to determine (who/whom/whose) fingerprints were on the knife.

9. These are some of the professors (who/whom/whose) teach at the University of New South Wales.

10. I have no idea (who/whom/whose) left the lights on all night.


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