English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises


Topic: Shopping - English phrasebook for shopping (Q + A) 2

Write the LETTER of the response from the list below to each of the following questions/comments. Choose the best, most logical response.

a: 8%
b: Yes, I can put it on hold for two hours.
c: No, but there's a convenience store that sells groceries.
d: About two hours.
e: Yes, we have refrigerator magnets and coffee cups.
f: OK, but only by a couple of dollars.
g: Yes, I put it in your bag.
h: No, it comes with a universal power source.
i: Each item has a price tag underneath.
j: Yes, all the ties are on sale.

1. Can you lower the price a little?

2. Are all of these on sale?

3. Do I have to buy a converter for this computer?

4. How much is tax here?

5. Do you sell souvenirs?

6. How much is this?

7. How much time will it take to make this?

8. Can you set this aside for me?

9. Did you give me my receipt?

10. Is there a supermarket around here?


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