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topic: Transportation/General vocabulary (Q + A) 2

Write the LETTER of the response (from the list on the right) to each of the following questions/comments. Choose the best, most logical response:

a: No, you have to transfer in Birmingham.
b: Yes, you can, but all refunds are subject to a 10% administrative fee.
c: No, I'm sorry, that flight is fully booked.
d: Yes, but there's a $100 charge for transporting pets.
e: No, you have to go to one of the counters around the corner.
f: You'll have to go to the "lost luggage" section upstairs.
g: Children under 5 years old travel free of charge.
h: No, I'm sorry, that bag is too big to bring aboard.
i: Yes, there's a 10% discount if you have an International Student Card
j: No, it's 15 minutes late.
1. Can I bring my cat on the flight if she's in a carrier?

2. Can I get one ticket for the 9:00 PM flight to New York City?

3. How much is the ticket for my four year old son?

4. Is there a student discount?

5. Can I return this ticket?

6. Is the train to Glasgow on time?

7. My bag didn't arrive with my flight.

8. Can I bring this bag on the bus with me?

9. Is this a direct train to Coventry?

10. Is this the line for Singapore Airlines?

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