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Topic: Corporate Buzzwords 1

A buzzword (also known as a fashion word or vogue word) is an idiom, commonly used in managerial, technical, administrative, and sometimes political environments. Buzzwords are often used to make people think that one knows more than one actually does. This is why they are so popular in the corporate environment :) Nevertheless, these words are used very often by managers, so ESL students should be aware of them... just don't use them too much!

1. A company's "mission ____________" is a statement that defines an organization's values, goals, and business philosophy

2. This adjective is often overused in the business world; it means "main", "primary", or "most important":

3. Jim, I'm busy right now. I'll ____________ ( = get in touch to see how things are going) with you later in the day.
  touch wood
  touch base

4. To ask/get someone to do something = To ____________ someone to do something.

5. To think ____________ means to think of clever and innovative solutions to a problem.
  outside the box
  out of the box

6. Core competency = the thing that a company does ____________.

7. We've got a fire drill. = We've got ____________.
  an emergency
  a fire in the lunchroom

8. If someone is unaware of something (like a topic, decision, etc), you can say they are "out of the ____________".

9. You're in a meeting and you raise a topic. Your manager says "let's take it offline". What does that mean?
  Don't send me any more emails
  Let's talk after the meeting

10. Moving ____________ ( = in the future), we won't be pursuing these clients.
  in front

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