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ESL Vocabulary Quiz: HOLIDAYS
Memorial Day (last Monday in May)

Welcome to our new collection of exercises designed to help you practice English while learning about holidays. Some of these holidays are observed in all of the English-speaking world, while others are only celebrated in specific countries/regions. For each blank space, choose the correct response. If both responses are acceptable, choose the one that sounds more natural. Good luck!

1. Memorial day is an American holiday that is (seen/observed) on the last Monday of May.

2. The day is about remembering U.S. soldiers who have died in military (servicemen/service) to their country.

3. The origins of the holiday stem back to the American (Civic/Civil) War. The day was created to honor (fallen/fell) Union (Northern) soldiers.

4. Many people still follow the tradition of visiting cemeteries and (memos/memorials) on this day.

5. Social-gatherings such as (picnics/pickets) or barbecues are a popular way to spend Memorial Day. Despite the solemn nature of the holiday, many see it as a day of fun and (retribution/relaxation).

6. Memorial Day is considered by many as the (unofficial/unwarranted) start of Summer.

7. This holiday was (before/formerly) known as "Decoration Day".

8. Many flags around the United States fly half-staff, or half- (mast/mask), which means halfway down the flagpole.

9. In many other parts of the world, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada, this holiday is known as "Remembrance Day", and is held on November 11. In the United States, November 11 is called "Veterans' Day" - a day which honors all veterans (living/live) and dead.

10. Memorial Day, due to its (origins/seeds) in the American Civil War, is not observed anywhere outside the United States.

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