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Online English vocabulary exercises for ESL students

Topic: Job interview/ Looking for work

Learn new words! Each of our Business English vocabulary exercises focuses on one topic/theme and teaches you only the most useful (and common) English words.

1. This is an ____________ position, but it does require some experience.

2. P1: What was your ____________ at your last job? P2: It was $50,000 per year.

3. To "land a job" means to ____________.
  get a job
  quit a job

4. He was "let go". = He was ____________.
  allowed to work

5. If an employer wants to talk about your "background", they're interested in your ____________.
  work-related history

6. My brother works for a law ____________ downtown.

7. British people call it a CV, while in the United States, it's often called a ____________.

8. What were some of your ____________ at your last position?

9. I was in ____________ of the entire marketing department.

10. When applying for a job, you should include a resume and a ____________.
  introduction letter
  cover letter

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