English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
English practice for advanced speakers
Advanced English grammar practice for SAT and ACT

SAT/Grade 12 vocabulary 2

Complete each of the following sentences using one of these words: abide, copious, fickle, plethora, sophomoric, lavish, wistful, dearth, resilient, subjugate

1. He invested amounts of money ( = a lot of money) in this business.

2. The band's lyrics will not appeal to anyone intelligent.

3. Listening to sad music always puts me in a mood.

4. The rebellion occurred after authorities failed to the insurgents.

5. There is a ( = an abundance) of good, young writers in Los Angeles right now.

6. Robert's lawyer made it clear that Robert should by the committee's decision.

7. Not many people can come back to work after going through what she went through, but she's a very woman.

8. Instead of wasting his money on jewelry and fancy clothes, he donated most of it to a local animal shelter.

9. Sally is really . It usually takes her at least half an hour to choose something from a restaurant menu.

10. The ( = scarcity) of open-minded individuals in this city depressed him.


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