English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: Using the word LIKE in English 1


level: Intermediate

Complete each of the following questions using either "does" or "is".
Example: Q: Does your mother speak English? A: Yes, she speaks English fluently.

1. Q: she like other girls? A: No, she is different.

2. Q: he like to drink milk? A: No, he prefers juice.

3. Q: What your brother like? A: He's very friendly.

4. Q: What his apartment like? A: It's fairly small.

5. Q: your neighbor like you? A: No, he never says hi to me.

6. Q: the President like dogs? A: Yes, he has two dogs.

7. Q: this book like the one you read last month? A: Yes, they are very similar.

8. Q: your mother like the way you cook? A: Yes, she thinks I'm a very good cook.

9. Q: Who he look like? A: He looks like George Clooney.

10. Q: Robert like your other boyfriends? A: No, he's much nicer.


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