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ESL Vocabulary Quiz: HOLIDAYS

Welcome to our new collection of exercises designed to help you practice English while learning about holidays. Some of these holidays are observed in all of the English-speaking world, while some are only celebrated in specific countries/regions. People in the English-speaking world come from many different religious faiths, so we're including some holidays from these religions. For each blank space, choose the correct response. If both responses are acceptable, choose the one that sounds more natural. Good luck!

1. Hanukkah (sometimes spelled Chanukkah) is an important Jewish holiday. Many see it as a celebration of Jewish national (survive/survival) and freedom of religion.

2. The holiday commemorates the Maccabees' revolt and (win/victory) over the Greek-Syrians and rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem after it had been (discouraged/desecrated) by the king of Syria.

3. Hanukkah, also known as the "Festival of Lights", begins on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev, and (grows/lasts) for eight days.

4. The most important religious (observance/absolution) is lighting candles on a "menorah" (which holds nine candles).

5. This lighting of the candles (one per day for eight days) is done to commemorate the "eight-day miracle" - After the Temple was rededicated there was only enough oil for the candles to (burn/light) for one day, but miraculously, they (burned/lit) for eight days.

6. There are special blessings/prayers which one should (receive/recite) while lighting the candles.

7. Traditional games (like the spinning-top "dreidel") and songs (dealing with Hanukkah-related themes) are also important parts of the (celebrity/celebration).

8. (Exchanging/Changing) gifts is another popular Hanukkah tradition.

9. There are also some foods associated with Hanukkah - These (vary/diversify) according to tradition. Some well-known ones are potato pancakes ("latkes"), foods fried or baked in oil, and home-made donuts.

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