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Idioms starting with D
Here is our list of popular "D" idioms that are used in American English:

Dead: Empty; quiet (said of bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.) ex: "It's really dead in here tonight" (It's empty in here tonight/there are very few people here tonight)

Dead: Extremely, totally, very ex: "I'm dead tired." (I'm extremely tired.); "You're dead wrong." (You're totally wrong.)

(A) dead ringer (noun):
A look-alike. ex. "He's a dead ringer for Leonardo Dicaprio." ( = He looks exactly like Leonardo Dicaprio.)

Decent (adj.): Pretty good.

(A) diamond in the rough:
A person (or thing) with good qualities and/or good potential, which cannot be seen right away. ex. "They picked him because they think he's a diamond in the rough, and that he'll be a great player in a couple of years."

(To) die of boredom:
To be very bored. ex. "I often think I'm going to die of boredom in his class."

Dig (v.) : To like. *this word is somewhat outdated*

Dirt cheap:
Very cheap (inexpensive). ex. "The hotel we stayed in was dirt cheap, but our room was very nice."

Dirty:Overtly/openly sexual; obscene. ex: "those lyrics are really dirty."

Dis (v.) : Short for "to disrespect"; To talk about someone in a disrespectful manner.

Ditch (v.) : to leave, get rid of (usually said of something that is "slowing you down" or is "unnecessary"). ex: "The thieves ditched the car and got on a bus."; "He ditched her at the altar."

Do an about face (v.): To radically change one's opinion/position. ex: "He said he would support the bill, so everyone was surprised when he did an about face and voted against it."

Don't hold your breath:
Don't wait for it to happen because it probably won't. ex. "You think David will break up with Tina? Don't hold your breath!"

Don't let it get you down:
Don't let it upset you; don't allow it to make you feel bad.

(To) do the dishes:
To wash the dishes.ex. "Could you do the dishes tonight?"

Dough (n.): Money.

Dork (n.): Strange person; someone without "social graces"; weirdo.

Down (v.): To eat/drink quickly. ex: "We downed a couple of beers and left for the club."

(A) downer:
An event that causes one to be sad. ex. "Your girlfriend broke up with you? What a downer!"

Down the drain:
Wasted. Lost forever. ex. "I tried to get this business going for five years, but I went bankrupt. That's five years down the drain."

Doze off (v.): To fall asleep. ex: "I dozed off during the movie."

(A) drag:
Boring; a disappointment. ex. "The party was a real drag."

Drama queen: Someone who gets overly emotional/sentimental about things. Someone who thrives on the dramatic.ex: "Betty is such a drama queen!"

(To) drive a hard bargain:
To be firm when bargaining about something. ex. "You drive a hard bargain, but alright, I'll pay you $10 for the lamp."

(To) drive someone crazy:
To make someone very agitated, upset, or emotional (either in a good or bad way).ex. "That teacher is so awful! He drives me crazy with his attitude."

(To) drop it:
To stop talking about something. ex. "I told you to drop it! I don't want to talk about it."

(To) drown one's sorrows:
To get/ become drunk. ex. "Drowning your sorrows won't solve anything."

(To) drop the ball:
To make a mistake. (WARNING: This idiom is overused in the business world). ex. "P1: So it was John's fault? P2: Yes, John really dropped the ball on this one."

(A) dream come true:
A great thing; a dream or wish that has become reality. ex. "Living in California is like a dream come true."

(To) dump someone: (very informal)
To end a relationship with someone; to break up with someone. To stop seeing someone (romantically). ex. "She dumped me."

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