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Idioms starting with Z

Here is our list of American idioms that start with "Z":

Zap (v.): To destroy, kill, or inflict pain with some kind of an electric current. Someone can be "zapped by an electrical current", "zapped by a laser gun", "zapped by lightning", etc.

Zs (pronounced "zeez"): Sleep.

Zip (or Zilch): Nothing.

Zip around (v.): To move around very quickly (from place to place).

Zit (n.): Pimple. Example: "Whatever you do, don't pop that zit."

Zone out (v.): To space out; to drift off mentally. Example: "I always zone out when my parents lecture me about stuff."

Zonked (adj.): Some people still use this in its original meaning ("very tired"), but in modern slang it usually means "very high on drugs".

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