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Idioms starting with E

Here is our list of American idioms that start with "E":

(To give someone) an earful:
(To give someone) a strong verbal scolding. Example: "Katie's father really gave her an earful when she came home at 4 AM."

Easy! (command):
Not so fast! Calm down! Example: "Easy! Don't eat so fast!"

Ease off (v.) (also "ease up"): To start doing something less intensely. Example: "Don't criticize him so much. Ease off a little bit!"

Easy come, easy go:
PROVERB. Said to explain the loss of something that was very easily obtained in the first place.

Tolerant; laid-back; relaxed. Example: "Bill is one the most easy-going guys that I know. He never gets upset about anything."

(To) eat one's heart out:
To be envious or jealous (used mostly as a command). Example: "Eat your heart out Frank, I'm going to Paris!"

(To) eat one's words:
To admit that what one said was wrong. Example: "You think I won't be able to find work in one week? I'm going to make you eat your words."

(To) eat up:
1) To enjoy thoroughly. Example: "He eats up the publicity."; 2) To use up. Example: "Playing video games will eat up your cell phone battery."; 3) To believe (without questioning). Example: "She's so gullible. She'll eat up anything you tell her.

Eating: Bothering. Example: "What's eating him?" (What's bothering him?)

Elbow room:
Enough space (room) to feel comfortable.

Enough is enough:
That is enough and there should be no more; usually said when one has had enough of a certain situation.

(To) enter one's mind:
To cross one's mind; to start thinking about something. Example: "You want me to become a doctor? The thought never even entered my mind."

Every so often:
Once in while; occasionally. Example: "I think about her every so often."

Every other:
Every second. Alternate. Example: "In Los Angeles, every other person is an actor."

Pregnant. Example: "She is expecting."

Eye-opener (n.): Something that makes you realize something. Example: "That video was a real eye-opener. I had no idea things were that bad."

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