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Wait-and-see attitude:
A skeptical attitude. An attitude where someone will just wait and see what happens. ex. "The best thing to do is to adopt a wait-and-see attitude."

(To) wait tables:
To work as a waiter/ waitress in a restaurant. ex. "Becky waited tables while she was in college."

(To) wait on someone hand and foot:
To serve someone very well; to do anything someone asks you. ex. "I don't mind making you coffee, but don't expect me to wait on you hand and foot!"

Wanna: Conversational form of "want to". ex: "He doesn't wanna come."

(To) wash one's hands of someone/something:
To end one's association with someone or something. ex. "I washed my hands of Tom. I wanted nothing more to do with him."

No longer important/ in good form. ex. "Why do you hang out with that washed-up actor?"

(To) waste one's breath:
To talk in vain. To waste one's time talking. ex. "Don't waste your breath. He never listens to what anyone tells him."

Wasted (adj.): Very drunk, high. ex: "We got so wasted last night."

Watch your back!: Be careful; Watch out. *this is often meant as a threat or warning*

Way to go!:
Good job! Congratulations! (*sometimes used sarcastically*)

Wear and tear:
Damage as a result of normal use. ex. "They put a lot of wear and tear on their truck during their long road trip."

(To) wear out one's welcome:
To stay too long (at an event, at someone's house, etc.) ex. "Let's only stay with them for 2 days. I don't want us to wear out our welcome."

Weirdo (n.): Strange person. *fairly negative*

Wealthy. ex. "Her parents are well-off."

Well-to-do (adj.): Wealthy; Rich. ex: "She comes from a well-to-do family."

Wet blanket:
A person who discourages others from having fun.

What makes someone tick:
What motivates someone. ex. "He's such a mysterious guy. I don't quite know what makes him tick."

What's with (someone):
What's wrong with (someone). ex. "What's with you? You've been acting strange all day!"

Wheels ( Car.

(A) whole lot:
A lot, too many. ex. "There aren't a whole lot of good restaurants in this neighborhood. = There aren't too many good restaurants in this neighborhood."

(To be) wide awake:
To be completely awake. ex. "P1: Were you sleeping? P2: No, I was wide awake."

(A) wild goose chase:
A futile/hopeless pursuit. ex. "We thought he had given us a good lead, but it ended up being a wild goose chase."

Wimp (n.): Weak, cowardly person.

Wired (adj.): Hyper, (overly) alert. ex: "I'm all wired from the two espressos that I drank."

Wishy-washy (adj.): Lacking in strength or character; not concrete; ex: "He gave me some wishy-washy excuse."

(At one's) wits' end:
If you're "at your wits' end" it means that you've tried everything to fix or solve a problem, or to come up with a solution, and you're almost going crazy from being unable to do this.

With no strings attached:
Unconditionally. ex. "He said that he just wanted to help me with no strings attached."

(To) work out for the best.
To work out in the best possible way. ex. "It seems bad now, but things will work out for the best."

Work up the courage (to do something): To build up enough confidence (to do something); not concrete; ex: "She finally worked up the courage to ask him out."

Wrap (something) up (v.): To finish (something); To Bring something to a close. ex: "OK, let's wrap things up for today."

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