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(To) get a move on:
To go or do something quickly, to get going, etc. ex. "Hey if we want to make the 8:00 PM show we should get a move on."

(To) get carried away:
To exaggerate/ go too far/ to become emotional. ex. "I got carried away. I bought 10 shirts!"; "She got carried away when she started talking about the war."

(To) get caught up:
To become involved, especially emotionally. ex. "I just got caught up in his plan and couldn't think straight."

(To) get cold feet:
To become timid or frightened. ex. "I usually get cold feet when I have to speak in public."

(To) get down to business:
To start working seriously. ex. "Enough playing around. Let's get down to business."

(To) get that all the time:
To hear something constantly. ex. "P1: Hey, you really look like Brad Pitt! P2: Yeah, I get that all the time."

(To) get one's foot in the door
To get started in a process; to attain a favorable position which will help one work toward a goal. ex. "I'm trying to find a better job, but I can't get my foot in the door." (To) get one's fill of something:
To have enough of something. To have a lot of something. ex. "She's had her fill of his lying ways."

(To) get on someone's nerves:
To annoy someone; to bother or irritate someone. ex. "I know that he's harmless, but he still gets on my nerves for some reason."

(To) get rid of (something/someone):
To eliminate. To throw away. To hide. ex. "This detergent gets rid of dirt better than any other one that I've used."; "Get rid of the cigarette, your mother's coming!"

(To) get something off one's chest:
To say something that has been on your mind; to say something that has been bothering you. ex. "Did you tell her about Hawaii? Yes, and I felt much better once I got that off my chest."

(To) get the blues:
To become sad or depressed.

(To) get something straight:
To clarify something. To understand something clearly. ex. "Let me get this straight. Your mother's cousin stole money from your father's cousin's daughter?"

(To) give someone a call:
To call someone (on the telephone). ex. "I'll give you call tomorrow morning."

(To) give someone the benefit of the doubt:
To believe in someone despite information that makes them seem guilty of something. ex. "Hey, don't believe the rumors. Give him the benefit of the doubt."

(To) give someone a piece of one's mind:
To bawl someone out. To let someone know how one really feels. ex. "After that driver took my parking spot, I really gave him a piece of my mind."

(A) go-getter:
*somewhat antiquated* An aggressive employee; a hard worker. ex. "Jim is a real go-getter."

(To) go Dutch:
To pay for oneself when going out in a group.

(To) go overboard:
To do too much; to exaggerate. ex. "They really went overboard with the party preparations."

(To) go up in flames:
To burn; to be consumed in flames. ex. "The house went up in flames, and the firefighters had a hard time putting out the fire."

(To) go over something with a fine toothed comb:
To go over something very carefully, esp. checking for errors. ex. "Here's the report. Make sure to go over it with a fine toothed comb."

(To) go to someone's head:
To make someone overly conceited or proud. ex. "That award that he won really went to his head."

(A) golden opportunity:
A good chance to succeed, a good investment. ex. "I didn't have enough money to buy that restaurant. I missed a golden opportunity."

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