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Idioms starting with Y

Here is our list of American idioms that start with "Y":

Yack (v.): Somewhat rude version of "to talk." Example: "He was yackin' away, and I wasn't even listening."

Yawn: Something one says to show that one is bored. Example: "Oh, great, another romantic comedy. Yawn."

Yeah: Conversational form of "yes".

Year-round (adj./adv.)
Operating all year. Example: "This facility is open year round."

A person who tries to be liked by agreeing with everything said, especially by a boss.

You bet!: 1) Of course. Example: "P1: Hey you wanna come to the beach with us? P2: You bet!"; 2) No problem. Example: "P1: Thanks for all your help! P2: You bet!"

You can say that again: (stress on "that")
That is true. Example: "P1: It sure is hot today! P2: You can say that again!"

You can't teach an old dog new tricks:
A proverb with two meanings: 1) old(er) people can't learn anything new and 2) old habits are hard to break.

You don't say:
Used to show surprise at something that is being said. Example: "You don't say! He was really struck by lightning?"

Your guess is as good as mine:
I don't know any better/ more than you know. Example: "P1: How old is Robert? P2: Your guess is as good as mine. I have no idea."

You're telling me!: Phrase meaning "I know exactly what you mean"; Similar to "Don't I know it!"; Example: "P1: My son's gone off to college and I miss him so much! P2: You're telling me! I've got two sons in college."

Yuppie (n.): Abbreviated form of "young urban professional"; said of young, career-oriented, financially successful people.

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