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Idioms starting with V

Here is our list of American idioms that start with "V":

(To) vanish into thin air:
To disappear without leaving a trace. Example: "Whatever happened to that actor? He seems to have vanished into thin air."

Variety is the spice of life:
Proverb meaning life is made more interesting by doing new or different things.

Veg out (v.): (Pronounced "vedge out") To sit/lay around doing nothing or relaxing. Example: "I'm gonna veg out by the pool for a while."

Vegas: short for "Las Vegas". Example: "We went to Vegas for the weekend."

Veggies (n.pl): Vegetables. Example: "Don't forget to eat your veggies!"

Very last:
The last. Example: "We were able to buy the very last tickets to the concert."

Very well:
OK. Agreed.

Vet (n.): Short for "veteran"; Also short for "veterinarian".

Vibe (n.): Feeling. "I'm getting a strange vibe from him." = "He's behaving strangely (towards me)."; "This place has a really cool vibe." = "This place has a very nice atmosphere."

Vicious circle:
Sequence of cause and effect with bad results. Example: "He had fallen into a vicious circle of drinking too much, losing his job, and then drinking even more."

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