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Idioms starting with Q

Here is our list of American idioms that start with "Q":

Quarter (n.): An American/Canadian 25 cent coin.

Quick and dirty:
Fast and simple; not very sophisticated. Example: "We just need a quick and dirty solution to this."

(To make a) quick buck: To make some money very quickly. Example: "Everyone's just trying to make a quick buck."

Quick on the uptake:
Quick to understand; intelligent. Example: "Many of the people in town thought that Thomas wasn't too quick on the uptake, but he was actually a very bright boy."

Quick study (noun):
Someone who is able to memorize or learn something quickly and easily. Example: "I was worried she wouldn't be able to get up to speed quickly enough, but she proved to be a quick study."

(As) quiet as a mouse:
Very quiet.

Quite a few:
Many. Example: "There were quite a few people at the concert yesterday."

Quite a bit:
A lot. Example: "There is quite a bit to do still."

Quite the (something): A very good (something). Example: "She's quite the dancer!"

Quitter (n.): Someone who quits, gives up easily.

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