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Idioms starting with N
Here is our list of popular "N" idioms that are used in American English:

Nail (someone) (v.): To catch (someone) *usually doing something illegal/wrong*, etc.); To bust (someone). ex: They nailed him for shoplifting."

Nail-biter (n.) : An exciting game where the outcome is uncertain until the very end. ex: That game was a real nail biter."

Neck and neck:
Very close (almost even), as in a race. ex. "The two candidates were running neck and neck a month before the election."

Neck of the woods:
*somewhat antiquated* Area. Part of a country. ex. "What's happening in your neck of the woods?"

(To) need a hand:
To need help. ex. "Do you need a hand? (Would you like some help?)"

Neither here nor there:
Not relevant. ex. "All of a sudden he started talking about his car, a topic which was neither here nor there."

Nerd (n.): Similar to "geek", but it has a little more of a derogatory ( = negative) quality to it. Someone who is socially inept, preferring academic pursuits to social ones.

Nest egg:
Saved money. ex. "He has saved up quite a nest egg. Pretty soon he'll be able to retire."

Never mind:
Don't worry about it. ex. "Did you pick up my photos? Never mind, I'll do it myself tomorrow."

(To) nip something in the bud:
To end something at an early stage.

No-brainer(n.): Very easy question; a question/situation/dilemma which has an obvious/easy solution. ex: "Well, if you ask me, it's a no-brainer. You should call her and apologize."

No laughing matter:
A very serious matter. ex. "Hey, why are you smiling? This is no laughing matter!"

No picnic:
Not easy. Very difficult and problematic. ex. "Let me tell you, driving in that snowstorm was no picnic."

No rush:
You don't have to hurry. ex. "P1: Do you want this done by this evening? No, there's no rush - you can finish it tomorrow."

No skin off my nose:
I don't care because it doesn't affect me.

No sweat:
No problem.

No way: 1) Phrase used to say that something is definitely not going to happen. ex: "P1: Are you going to see her again? P2: No way!"; 2) Phrase of awe/disbelief. ex: "She gave you her phone number? No way!"

No wonder:
It's not surprising. ex. "He only slept for two hours last night? No wonder he's so tired."

(To) not be born yesterday:
To be experienced, knowledgeable. ex. "Of course I know that trick! I wasn't born yesterday."

(To) not have a prayer: To not have/stand a chance. ex: "Your team? They don't have a prayer or winning."

Not in the least?:
Not at all. ex. "P1: Were you surprised that he failed the FCE? P2: Not in the least."

Not likely:
Probably will not happen. ex. "P1: You think George will learn a lesson from this? P2: Not likely."

(To) not like the looks of (someone/something): To not like the way something looks because you think it might lead to something negative. ex: "I don't like the looks of those clouds" (because they might bring rain), "I don't like the looks of those kids" (because they look like they might cause trouble), etc.

Not much of:
Pretty bad. exex. "He has saved up quite a nest egg. Pretty soon he'll be able to retire."

(To) not put (something) past (someone: To believe that someone is capable of doing something. ex: "Would he tell the police? I wouldn't put it past him!" (Yes, I believe that he is capable of doing this)

Now and then:

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