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List of English phrasal verbs


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Rat on:
To be an informer. To reveal someone's secret. Example: "The teacher found out because you ratted on me!" You can also use the phrasal verb 'to rat someone out' to mean the same thing. 'The teacher found out because you ratted me out.'

Read up on:
To search out information on. Example: "I wanted to read up on camping in West Virginia before my trip."

Read (too much) into (sth):
To over-analyze/exaggerate the importance of something that was said. Example: "Don't read too much into what she said. I'm sure she was just kidding."

Rinse out:
To rinse the inside of. Example: "Rinse out that kettle before you fill it with water."

Rip off:
To cheat. To swindle. Example: "Don't go into that store. The owner will try to rip you off."

Roll in:
To arrive in great numbers/ quantity. Example: "He thinks that if he opens a restaurant, people will just roll in automatically."

Rough up:
To hurt physically. Example: "When the cops arrived, they saw that the man had been roughed up a bit."

Rub off:
To transmit to someone. Example: "After hanging out with Hans for the past year, I can say that his love of pretzels has rubbed off on me."

Rule out:
To eliminate. Example: "We can't rule out revenge as a possible motive."

Run away:
To escape; leave; leave quickly without permission. Example: "He ran away from home when he was 16."

Run (something) by (someone):
To tell someone something. To let someone know about something. Example: "The secretary of state ran the plan by the president."

Run for (something):
To campaign for (something). To try to become elected as (something). Example: "My cousin Charlie ran for class president twice, and both times he lost badly."

Run into:
To meet (by accident). Example: "Guess who I ran into the other day? My math teacher from high school!"

Run off:
To run away. Example: "They ran off without paying the bill."

Run out of:
To have no more, to use up completely. Example: "I ran out of gas on the way to my aunt's house."

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