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Rat on:
To be an informer. To reveal someone's secret. ex. "The teacher found out because you ratted on me!"

Read up on:
To search out information on. ex. "I wanted to read up on camping in West Virginia before my trip."

Read (too much) into (sth):
To over-analyze/exaggerate the importance of something that was said. ex. "Don't read too much into what she said. I'm sure she was just kidding."

Rinse out:
To rinse the inside of. ex. "Rinse out that kettle before you fill it with water."

Rip off:
To cheat. To swindle. ex. "Don't go into that store. The owner will try to rip you off."

Roll in:
To arrive in great numbers/ quantity. ex. "He thinks that if he opens a restaurant, people will just roll in automatically."

Rough up:
To hurt physically. ex. "When the cops arrived, they saw that the man had been roughed up a bit."

Rub off:
To transmit to someone. ex. "After hanging out with Hans for the past year, I can say that his love of pretzels has rubbed off on me."

Rule out:
To eliminate. ex. "We can't rule out revenge as a possible motive."

Run away:
To escape; leave; leave quickly without permission. ex. "He ran away from home when he was 16."

Run (something) by (someone):
To tell someone something. To let someone know about something. ex. "The Secretary of State ran the plan by the President."

Run for:
To campaign for . To try to become elected as. ex. "Bill Clinton ran for president twice, and both times he was elected."

Run into:
To meet (by accident). ex. "Guess who I ran into the other day? My math teacher from high school!"

Run off:
To run away. ex. "They ran off without paying the bill."

Run out of:
To have no more, to use up completely. ex. "I ran out of gas on the way to my aunt's house."

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