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List of English phrasal verbs


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Wait on:
To serve (in a restaurant). Example: "I want to go back to school. I don't want to wait on tables forever."

Wait (something) out:
To wait for something bad/negative to pass. Example: "My brother waited the storm out in the car."

Wait up (on/for) someone:
To wait. Example: "Don't worry, they'll wait up for you." = Don't worry they'll wait for you.

Wake up:
To awaken. To stop sleeping. Example: "I woke up at 7:00 AM this morning."

Walk in on (something/someone):
To enter into a room, etc. and unexpectedly see/discover someone or something. Example: "My parents walked in on us kissing."

Walk off with (something):
To steal, get away with. Example: "The thieves walked off with a million dollars."

Wash out (usually used in the passive form):
To not happen because of rain. Used for sporting events, concerts, etc. Example: "Game 1 was washed out."

Wash up:
To wash, clean oneself. Example: "Make sure you wash up before dinner."

Watch out (for):
To be careful. Example: "There's a school at the end of this block. Watch out for children crossing the street."

Water down:
To add water to something (usually used when someone adds water to alcohol, etc.) Example: "This beer tastes watered down."

Wear in:
To make comfortable by usage, wearing, etc. Often used to talk about shoes. Example: "I've been trying to wear in these new sneakers."

Wear off:
To stop working. To fade. Example: "The numbness will wear off in two hours."

Wear on:
To continue (gradually). Example: "The protests tailed off as the night wore on."

Wear out:
1) To wear so much that something becomes too old/ damaged to wear. Example: "I wore out my shoes in about six months."
2) To make someone very tired. Example: "My daily routine really wears me out."

Weed out:
To remove less desirable parts/elements of something. Example: "He weeded out all the rotten berries."

Whip out:
To take something out (very quickly). Example: "We were talking about my favorite book, when he whipped it out of his backpack."

Whip (something) up:
To quickly make/create something, especially something to eat. Example: "He whipped up some sandwiches."

Wiggle/wriggle out (of something):
To avoid doing something through excuses, explanations, etc. Example: "You won't be able to wiggle out of going this time."

Wind down:
To relax. To spend time in a relaxing way. Example: "I just need to wind down for a couple of hours."

Wind up:
To finish. End up. Example: "If he doesn't get his act together, he is going to wind up in jail."

Wipe (someone) out:
1) To exhaust (someone), to make (someone) really tired. Example: "That hike really wiped me out!"
2) To eliminate/get rid of completely. Example: "Hunters wiped out all the deer in this region."

Work in:
To include, interpose. Example: "The writer worked in a couple of extra passages."

Work off:
To lose (usually by exercise). Example: "I need to work off a few pounds."

Work out:
1) To be successful. Example: "I'm glad your new consulting business is working out."
2) To exercise (usually with weights). Example: "Martin works out three times a week."

Work up:
To develop (due to work, effort, etc.) Example: "He worked up quite a sweat after running for 2 hours."

Write (something) down:
To write something. Example: "Write down your name." = Write your name.

Write (something) off:
To dismiss (something). Example: "He wrote the incident off as unimportant."

Write up:
To prepare a report. Example: "He wrote up a business proposal."

Wrap up:
To finish. To bring to a conclusion. Example: "OK, let's wrap up for today."

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