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Wait on:
To serve (in a restaurant). ex. "I want to go back to school. I don't want to wait on tables forever."

Wait (something) out:
To wait for something bad/negative to pass. ex. "My brother waited the storm out in the car."

Wait up (on/for) someone:
To wait. ex. "Don't worry, they'll wait up for you. = Don't worry they'll wait for you."

Wake up:
To awaken. To stop sleeping. ex. "I woke up at 7:00 AM this morning."

Walk in on (something/someone):
To enter into a room, etc. and unexpectedly see/discover someone or something. ex. "My parents walked in on us kissing."

Walk off with (something):
To steal, get away with. ex. "The thieves walked off with a million dollars."

Wash out (usually used in the passive form):
To not happen because of rain. Used for sporting events, concerts, etc. ex. "Game 1 was washed out."

Wash out (usually used in the passive form):
To not happen because of rain. Used for sporting events, concerts, etc. ex. "Game 1 was washed out."

Wash up:
To wash, clean oneself. ex. "Make sure you wash up before dinner."

Watch out (for):
To be careful. ex. "There's a school at the end of this block. Watch out for children crossing the street."

Water down:
To add water to something (usually used when someone adds water to alcohol, etc.) ex. "I'm sure they water down the beer/This beer tastes watered down."

Wear in:
To make comfortable by usage, wearing, etc. Often used to talk about shoes. ex. "I've been trying to wear in these new sneakers."

Wear off:
To stop working. To fade. ex. "The numbness will wear off in two hours."

Wear on:
To continue (gradually). ex. "The protests tailed off as the night wore on."

Wear out:
1) To wear so much that something becomes too old/ damaged to wear. ex. "I wore out my shoes in about six months."
2) To make someone very tired. ex. "My daily routine really wears me out."

Weed out:
To remove less desirable parts/elements of something. ex. "He weeded out all the rotten berries."

Whip out:
To remove something (very quickly). ex. "We were talking about my favorite book, when he whipped it out of his backpack."

Whip up:
To quickly make, create something to eat. ex. "He whipped up some sandwiches."

Wiggle/wriggle out (of something):
To avoid doing something through excuses, explanations, etc. ex. "You won't be able to wiggle out of going this time."

Wind down:
To relax. To spend time in a relaxing way. ex. "I just need to wind down for a couple of hours."

Wind up:
To finish. End up. ex. "If he doesn't get his act together, he is going to wind up in jail."

Wipe (someone) out:
1) To exhaust (someone), to make (someone) really out. ex. "That hike really wiped me out!"
2) To completely get rid of, eliminate. ex. "Hunters wiped out all the deer in this region."

Work in:
To include, interpose. ex. "The writer worked in a couple of extra passages."

Work off:
To lose (usually by exercise). ex. "I need to work off a few pounds."

Work out:
1) To be successful. ex. "I'm glad your new consulting business is working out."
2) To exercise (usually with weights). ex. "Martin works out three times a week."

Work up:
To develop (due to work, effort, etc.) ex. "He worked up quite a sweat after running for 2 hours."

Write (something) down:
To write something. ex. "Write down your name. = Write your name."

Write (something) off:
To dismiss (something). ex. "He wrote the incident off as unimportant."

Write up:
To prepare a report. ex. "He wrote up a business proposal when he was applying for loan."

Wrap up:
To finish. To bring to a conclusion. ex. "OK, let's wrap up for today."

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